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Sperm Motility is ability of sperm to move into womb. There are two types of sperm motility , one is progressive motility and other is non progressive motility. Progressive motility is sperm moving in straight direction, while non progressive motility is sperm moving in non linear direction. A good sperm sample should have minimum 32 percent progressive motility, total 20 million motile sperm is considered good.

Sperm Motility is usually low in people with other sperm count problems like low sperm count. sperm motility can be low due to reasons like environment exposure, Genetic Disorders, or other medical conditions or recent illness. Life Style and environment problems can also cause low sperm motility. Cigarettes smoking can lower the sperm motility drastically.

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You can Improve Sperm motility.

  • Eat Healthy diet like fruits and vegetables like, Broccoli, Green Vegetables, Apple etc.
  • Avoid Plastic Bags.
  • You need to Keep testicles cool, avoid wearing tight undergarments etc.
  • Don’t smoke at all, moderate your alcohol consumption.
  • Choose healthy diet and lifestyle.

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