Warranty Policy

Warranty T&Cs:

  • Warranty shall apply on all original parts and components of the bicycle to the extent indicated above only to the first user/first purchaser and only against manufacturing defects in the above-stated parts and components subject to physical examination and inspection of the said parts and components by Garrari Bikes Limited or any authorized person on their behalf and approval for applicability of the Warranty period The physical examination and inspection shall be carried out to assess/determine the veracity of the claim of warranty which would include but not limit to inspection/examination of alteration, modification, etc., carried out in any of the above-said items or component alteration.
  • Warranty is not applicable for Normal wear and tear, Ignoring Service advice, Damage or failure due to accident, deliberate act, misuse, mishandled, abuse or neglect, modifications carried out by unauthorized service organizations or persons
  • Garrari Bikes Limited neither provides any labor nor charges any labor charges about the Warranty of any of the above-stated items or components. Labor charges, if any, for the replacement of any part or component shall be payable by the Customers to the dealer as agreed between them.
  • Warranty shall be void in case of any material alteration in the original part or its components in respect of which Warranty has been provided.
  • Replacement of any part, component, or product can only be decided by Garrari Bikes Ltd.
  • Garrari Bikes Ltd. reserves the right to replace the product or part or component as per availability of same.
  • In the case of *a lifetime warranty, Garrari Bikes Ltd will consider the product Lifecycle as the maximum time duration for the warranty.
  • All or any claim(s) as detailed above about Warranty shall be made by the last day of the Warranty Period defined above. Any claim received after the last day of the warranty period indicated above will not be valid.
  • Original proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims. This warranty is not transferable.

It is clarified that the above-said warranties are collateral to the sale of bicycles in India and are limited to the extent detailed hereinabove. Garrari Bikes Limited offers no kind of warranty other than as indicated above about any kind of its product.

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